Sherry Kennedy – Shades Of Jazz & Blues – CD


Shades Of Jazz & Blues
Artist: Sherry Kennedy
UPC: 623667213516


Canadian singer, songwriter and actor Sherry Kennedy is an internationally acclaimed artist who is perhaps best known for her powerful voice, but also boasts an impressive list of credits as a songwriter and actor. She’s performed across Canada, the US and Europe in a variety of settings and range of musical formats from duos, combos, large ensembles and big bands, as well as in Repertory, Musical Theatre and more. Inspiring audiences with her energetic and mesmerizing performances, Sherry is a highly polished artist who’s been described as ‘sparkling’ and ‘dynamic’ and her voice ‘rich and beautiful’ is said to ‘leave you breathless.’ Adding to her mystique as a performer is her chameleon-like ability to change colour and direction with effortless ease whether delivering a tender ballad, raunchy show tune or swingin’ a Big Band gem.

Track List:

1. Summer Time
2. How Deep Is the Ocean
3. When I Fall in Love
4. It’s Probably Me
5. Song for You
6. Moon Over Bourbon Street
7. God Bless the Child
8. Stormy Monday
9. Cry Me a River
10. Nature Boy


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 623667213516

Artist: Sherry Kennedy

Release Date: 06/09/2009

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Shades Of Jazz & Blues


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