Preview: Skating Polly at the Melody Inn

Oklahoma Punk Rockers Skating Polly Play Indy’s Melody Inn on April 29th. Please Bring Burn Cream.

The Melody Inn attracts punks like Tokyo attracts giant monsters, and Skating Polly is no exception. They’re coming on the 29th to give Indy the kick in the shorts it so desperately needs, even if they have to knock the whole city over to do it. And really, what self-respecting punk would do any less?

A Brief History

Skating Polly’s history begins with two half-sisters in Oklahoma. Kellie Mayo and Peyton Bighorse met after Mayo’s mother began dating Bighorse’s father. Since both girls were musical, they naturally started playing together. Of course, playing leads to performing in much the same way morphine leads to heroin. The pair played their first show at a Halloween party in 2009, when Mayo was nine and Bighorse fourteen. Eventually, word of the two sisters reached Chris Harris, owner of a small independent label called Nice People. Shortly thereafter, Mayo and Bighorse recorded their first album in their living room under his direction.

Nice People released that album, Taking Over the World, a year later in 2010. The album could very well have ended up just another unregarded local release, but then fate (or something) intervened. Just before the album hit the market, Mayo and Bighorse just happed to meet Exene Cervenka of X. Yes, that X. One of the seminal punk bands of the early LA hardcore scene. Cervenka took a liking to Skating Polly’s music and began talking about them in interviews. Word of mouth, ain’t it great? Especially if the mouth in question belongs to someone who has the ear of a nation. As their exposure widened, Skating Polly put out more music, garnering them airplay on college radio and indie stations. Now, with a considerable amount of tracks under their belts, Skating Polly has shifted their focus to touring and collaborations with other musicians. Likewise, with the addition of Mayo’s brother Kurtis, the band continues to expand its sound.

Their Sound

That does it for the heroic origin story. So what do they sound like? In a word: Protean. They don’t chain themselves to any specific genre, and are probably better off for it. In fact, the only consistent element in their music is the underlying punk energy. Specifically, they echo the Riot Grrrl movement of the nineties, which was really more of an attitude than a genre anyway. Musically, they do whatever they feel like. Gentle piano intros? Sure, why not. Grinding, churning guitar riffs? lets do it. Melodic indie pop hooks? throw it in. Basically, if they think something works, they use it. It’s as simple as that. And hey, who can argue with the results?

So, as always. The venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 8:00 PM.

See you there!



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