Kowtow Popof – Exalted Headband – CD


Exalted Headband
Artist: Kowtow Popof
UPC: 884501155649


Kowtow’s sixth release on Wampus Exalted Headband is the follow-up and instrumental companion piece to 2007’s End of Greatness. Headband mixes elements of rock and electronica with classical and folk touches to create a personal soundtrack of moody pop.

Track List:

1. Swimming Downhill
2. Enigma of the Spokes
3. Kairos ’77
4. Kung Fu Sunset
5. Fractal Dust
6. Run to Daylight
7. Deep & Deeper
8. Exalted Headband (Funkspeil Fringe)
9. Theme from Lucky Guy
10. Baloon Bazooka
11. Rebreather
12. Towhead’s Lament (Loose Chaconne)
13. Chronos
14. Children of the Teeth
15. Braids at Blue Hour (Zero Time)
16. Floaters


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 884501155649

Artist: Kowtow Popof

Release Date: 06/16/2009

Where To Buy:

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Exalted Headband


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