Jim Lauderdale – Could We Get Closer (dig) – CD


Could We Get Closer (dig)
Artist: Jim Lauderdale
UPC: 641444044221


COULD WE GET ANY CLOSER? is Jim’s long awaited follow-up to his Grammy award winning album BLUEGRASS DIARIES. Featuring a new song written with Robert Hunter and collaborations with Shawn Camp, Candace Randolph and Odie Blackmon. Produced by Randy Kohrs.

Track List:

1. I Took a Liking to You
2. All She Wrote
3. Calico
4. Tennessee Dawn
5. The Ghosts of the Ridge
6. Today
7. Could We Get Any Closer?
8. Almost Satisfied
9. I’m Kind of Learning as I Go
10. That’s Why I’m Here with You
11. Lead Me
12. Honey Hurry Home


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 641444044221

Artist: Jim Lauderdale

Release Date: 08/18/2009

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Could We Get Closer (dig)

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