Elli Fordyce – Songs Spun Of Gold (cdrp) – CD


Songs Spun Of Gold (cdrp)
Artist: Elli Fordyce
UPC: 828867006726


Bio Originally from Manhattan, Elli Fordyce is a highly accomplished vocalist and actor. She has performed all over the New York Metro area, other US and North American cities and nearby islands, including an appearance at the New York Cabaret Convention and in festivals. Elli also has numerous acting credits, among them: Film — September 12th, TV — Cappelle’s Show, and Off-Off-Broadway Theatre — Guys & Dolls. Prior to returning to New York in 1979, Elli left her musical journey several times. The first to devote time to family; unexpectedly, the next followed a devastating accident on a snowy highway en route to a gig when the car carrying her quartet and equipment crashed into a disabled truck in 1976. A successful year-long tour of ‘Elli Fordyce And Her Favorite Things’ ended abruptly and left several kinds of scars. Soon after, Elli stopped singing for 15 years (‘Not even ‘Happy Birthday,’ not even in the shower,’ she’ll say) and focused firmly on much needed physical, emotional and spiritual healing. But for Elli, music was not over. A ginger-colored Yorkie puppy named Dindi (pronounced Gingy, meaning ‘little jewel’ in Portuguese as well as the title of Elli’s favorite Jobim bossa nova) brought her back. She discovered that Dindi loved hearing Elli sing the song. Inspiration renewed, Elli joined a cabaret workshop taught by the brilliant MAC-Award-winning singer/songwriter Lina Koutrakos and, soon after, came under the spell of Barry Harris, renowned jazz pianist and educator, to whom she gives much of the credit for putting her squarely back on the path meant for her, making comeback inevitable. And back she IS! Her first CD, ‘Something STILL Cool’ (after an 8-year birthing period), was an overnight sensation, getting rave reviews. ‘Whatever the term means … you know it when you hear it. And Elli Fordyce is cool! … as implied in the title, once cool, always cool, vintage cool … Ms. Fordyce has the spirit and voice of one of the blessed, the spirit and stamina of eternal song.’ (Bob Gish, Jazz Improv-New York); ‘Fordyce’s voice is lovely with strong command, a natural rhythmic touch and just a touch of a rough edge … scatting with aplomb, she also shows a knack for the south-of-the-border sound …. a true showcase for a singer whom one wishes would have never had to give up singing for so long … better late than never … heartfelt version of ‘Something Cool’ … doesn’t sing by rote, and her vocal ideas are full of imagination and personality, but neither does she detract from the beauty of the melody … it is clear that Elli Fordyce knows … The real meaning of ‘cool.” (Brad Walseth, www.jazzchicago.net) ‘I am enjoying your music so much! Your CD was a great surprise for me. I always [love] discovering great talent for our audience … very lucky to have your new tracks for their enjoyment at radioIO.’ (drmike, www.radioIO.com). A wonderful review by Rob Lester may also be read at http://www.talkinbroadway.com/sound/march2708.html and Rob also named the CD one of his Top-Ten-Vocal picks for 2008. The CD has been nominated as well for a MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) Award, the winner of which will be announced on May 18th at BB King’s in MAC’s Award Ceremony. With the release of ‘Songs Spun Of Gold,’ many of Elli’s dreams since she was 3 years old are unfolding and she’s frequently heard to say, ‘It’s never too late!’ ‘In the light, she dances to silent music. Songs that are spun of gold somehow in her own little head.’ Those lyrics by Gene Lees on the bridge of ‘Waltz for Debby’ are the inspiration for the title of this CD, and for it’s title tune by the genius Bill Evans. The Players: Jeremy Manasia, piano: http://www.jeremymanasia.com Ed MacEachen, guitar: http://www.connollyandco.com/Pages/artistitem.php?the_ID=72 Neal Miner, bass: http://www.nealminer.com Mark Wade, bass: http://www.singersforum.org/faculty.html#mark Phil Stewart, drums: http://www.smallsrecords.com/wp/artist?artist_id=40 Aaron Heick, alto sax and flute: http://www.saxshed.com/heick.shtml Samuel Torres, percu

Track List:

1. Let’s Get Lost
2. Desafinado
3. Softly, as I Leave You
4. A Child Is Born: Waltz for Debby
5. Where Do You Start?
6. Where Am I Going?
7. Pick Yourself Up
8. Oops!
9. In the Wee Small Hours
10. Wave
11. My Heart Stood Still
12. Everything Happens to Me
13. Listen Here
14. I’ll Remember April
15. I’m Old Fashioned
16. Where or When?
17. Long Ago and Far Away: Out of Nowhere


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 828867006726

Artist: Elli Fordyce

Release Date: 05/12/2009

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Songs Spun Of Gold (cdrp)


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