Chase Hamblin – Fine Time – CD


Fine Time
Artist: Chase Hamblin
UPC: 884501155748


‘Infectious pop songs, lavish Beatlesque production, psychedelic imagery, and a sweet, soaring voice to pull them all together. Rufus Wainwright? Jeff Buckley? Beck? Houston’s Chase Hamblin brings the passion of Buckley and Beck along with the lush sound and impressionistic imagery of Wainwright, but he’s also as jangly and hip as the Small Faces grooving in Itchycoo Park. Put another way, he rocks. “We’re Gonna Make It” is a rock and roll nugget of pure radio-friendly sunshine; “Never Let You Go” an urgent blast of power pop; “Bye Bye” a swirling Sgt. Pepper tour de force. The sixties are alive and well in Hamblin’s indie pop world, but so is the Texas singer/songwriter music tradition. Chase Hamblin: remember the name, remember the sound, remember the songs. It’s all too beautiful.’ Rush Evan, SteadyBoy Records.

Track List:

1. A Fine Time
2. Think of the Good Times
3. Never Let You Go
4. We’re Gonna Make It
5. Bye Bye


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 884501155748

Artist: Chase Hamblin

Release Date: 06/23/2009

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Fine Time


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