Washington Saxophone Quartet – Daydream – CD


Artist: Washington Saxophone Quartet
UPC: 608217101420


The Washington Saxophone Quartet, WSaxQ, is the most widely heard saxophone quartet in the United States. Since 1997, recorded arrangements by the Washington Saxophone Quartet have aired daily throughout the United States on NPR’s broadcasts of “All Things Considered.” Concert audiences enjoy their connection to WSaxQ when they discover they’ve been listening to the quartet’s music during afternoon “drive-time.” And it often comes as a surprise that they’ve been hearing four saxophones! The instruments evoke the refined sounds of a string quartet, the rich harmonies of an organ prelude, and the excitement of a jazz sax section. For more than thirty years, WSaxQ has performed recitals, informal concerts, and master classes in the United States, the Caribbean, and China, and on radio and television worldwide. The ensemble taps into a rich repertoire, from early music to newly commissioned works, and draws on a wealth of experience to reach listeners of every age and background. WSaxQ’s “Daydream,” features romantic favorites, easy on the ear and relaxing beautiful music.

Track List:

1. Track 1-What Is This Fragrance? (traditional)
2. Track 2-Adagio in g minor (Albinoni)
3. Track 3-Pied-enl’Air (Warlock)
4. Track 4-Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)
5. Track 5-Lullaby (Gershwin)
6. Track 6-Midsummer Nocturne (Copland)
7. Track 7-The Old Castle (Mussorgsky)
8. Track 8-Adagio (Barber)
9. Track 9-Pavane (Faure)
10. Track 10-Daydream (Wagnein)
11. Track 11-O Magnum Mysterium (Victoria)
12. Track 12-Nimrod (Elgar)
13. Track 13-Oblivion (Piazzolla)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 608217101420

Artist: Washington Saxophone Quartet

Release Date: 03/10/2009

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