Vipond,chris & The Stanley Street Band – 1 – CD


Artist: Vipond,chris & The Stanley Street Band
UPC: 810270015457


‘”Media Controls the World” presents a strong argument in favor of declaring Chris V. & the Stanley Street Band this area’s most dangerous band; they have some things to say! ‘ – Jim Price, (Jan 16, 2009) ‘Chris V. & the Stanley Street Band kicked off the music with their freewheeling blend of rock, funk and jam-flavored sounds… ‘ – Jim Price, Pa Musician (Nov 03, 2008) ‘The band has a funky, groovy sound with heartfelt vocals. While they play mostly original music that is inspired by Vipond’s observation and reflection on life…’ – Jessica Savrock, Blue Magazine (Jul 14, 2008) ‘Judge Elizabeth Doyle ordered that charges of theft and receiving stolen property against Christopher Vipond of Altoona be dismissed.’ – Phil Wray, Altoona Mirror (Jun 25, 2008) ‘…complete with Jack-fueled witticisms and tirades that seemed to conjure the ghost of the late Jim Morrison himself!’ – Jim Price, (Jun 05, 2008) ‘WOW, what a show! This was one of those jaw-droppingly excellent editions of the ‘Backyard Rocker,’ where the musical guests took the program on a musical free-for-all joyride that made the show’s host regretful when the program’s end time of 10 PM rolled around!’ – Jim Price, BackYard Rocker (Apr 20, 2008) ‘Chris cleverly went on the offensive, making vague but witty references to his situation and pending litigation with a comic demeanor that would have made David Letterman or Jay Leno envious!’ – Jim Price, (Apr 19, 2008) ‘Police obtained an arrest warrant and reached Chris Vipond by phone.’ – Bill Kibler, Altoona Mirror (Jan 23, 2008)

Track List:

1. Media Controls the World
2. Shine
3. Be
4. Yourself
5. Stumble
6. Religion
7. Freedom
8. False Flags
9. Marshall Lull
10. Worn in Soul
11. Losing
12. Media (Reprise)


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 810270015457

Artist: Vipond,chris & The Stanley Street Band

Release Date: 03/10/2009

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