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Artist: Rinneradio
UPC: 6418691211430


RinneRadio fuses electronic underground beats with progressive jazz. As the rhythms of drum’n’bass and hip hop are fermented with dark dub, lush ambient soundscapes and timeless soprano sax textures, the resulting brew becomes equal parts sexy trance jazz and surreal dance music. The offspring of reedsman/composer Tapani Rinne’s brainstorming and composer/drummer Edward Vesala’s encouraging, RinneRadio came into being in 1988 as three years of participation in the latter’s groundbreaking Sound & Fury workshops in Helsinki encouraged Rinne to step to the fore as a bandleader. The debut disc ‘RinneRadio’ consists of compositions by both Rinne and Vesala, and remains the most acoustic entry in the group’s logs. All in all, 1988 was a most important year in Finnish avantgarde jazz: Vesala was busily recording the future classic ‘Lumi’, and aside from Rinne, another Sound & Fury alumnus – guitarist/composer Raoul Björkenheim – made his first mark as a bandleader. His group was called Krakatau, and the debut album ‘Ritual’. Rinne and Björkenheim shime not only on ‘Lumi’, but also as guests on each other’s albums. Named in the polemic style of such milestones as ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ or ‘This Is Our Music’, RinneRadio’s sophomore effort came out in 1990 under the proud monicker of ‘Dance and Visions’. These ten tracks laid the bedrock of the mèlange of jazz combined with various styles of electronica from ambient techno to drum & bass.

Track List:

1. Snips
2. Better
3. Hal
4. Penta4
5. Untitled
6. Walk Man!
7. Ommatidi
8. Ice Swimming
9. Lunta
10. Aamora
11. Aaltonen
12. Metal Room
13. Slow Travel [Part 1]
14. Ylane
15. On The Air


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 6418691211430

Artist: Rinneradio

Release Date: 05/27/2008

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