Rie Sinclair – On The 5th Floor – CD


On The 5th Floor
Artist: Rie Sinclair
UPC: 641444019922


One would think with her porcelain skin and ethereal voice that Rie Sinclair just floated onto the scene as if it were divine intervention. Quite the contrary, Rie has been making waves in the industry better equated to a tropical storm than a wading pool, writing a catalogue of music for ABC/Disney and for shows like Ghost Whisperer, The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Californication, The Hills, Nurse Jackie, Bionic Woman, Law & Order, Samantha Who, & Dirt. She was nominated for an Emmy with the song, “Where You Are” (as heard on many different shows). LA’s Rie Sinclair considers herself a little more of a chameleon-like composer, with her Sparkling Violet’s and alter-egos. You see, by day she’s in demand as a writer and performer of beautiful songs for Hollywood studios, providing atmosphere and emotion to back up the visuals; but by night she dons another cape, crafting her own elation and despair into perfected four-minute vignettes; she records and delivers them live with equal finesse and commitment.

Track List:

1. Best of My Life
2. Carry Me Home
3. Where You Are
4. Not Going Anywhere
5. Falling Star
6. There’s Always Something
7. Hold On Tight
8. Twilight Serenade
9. I Will Give
10. Time Again


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 641444019922

Artist: Rie Sinclair

Release Date: 04/15/2014

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On The 5th Floor


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