Relly Coloma – Evening Of Philippine Music – CD


Evening Of Philippine Music
Artist: Relly Coloma
UPC: 607568600729


In the musical granary of the Philippines, there are a thousand and one songs that the Filipinos love to hum or sing in their every waking hour. Songs that have remained in their hearts forever. Songs that reflect the people’s way of life; their joy of faith, their heartbreak of love, their labor, and their pursuit of happiness under the tropical sun. These are the songs that are predestined for fame and immortality, as the years go by… from sunset to sundown, from the torrential rains to the heat of summer. With the advent of this album of 12 well-chosen Philippine tunes, the listener will rediscover indescribable vistas of the romantic islands on this part of the Pacific. An invitation is extended to listen to this delightful album featuring the famous keyboardist, Relly Coloma, under the direction of Maestro Leopoldo Silos. It’s a lovely way of spending your evening…a truly memorable experience.

Track List:

1. Babalik Ka Rin
2. Dahil Sa Iyo
3. Pacing
4. Kung Kita’y Kapiling
5. Walang Kamatayan
6. God Knows
7. Ikaw
8. Bakit Mo Ako Pinaluluha
9. Ay Nena
10. Lambingan
11. Waray Waray
12. A Million Thanks to You


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 607568600729

Artist: Relly Coloma

Release Date: 03/17/2009

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Evening Of Philippine Music


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