Pivot – 5 Days (cdr) – CD


5 Days (cdr)
Artist: Pivot
UPC: 614346048611


Pivot is a group in relentless pursuit of perfection and constant change. It’s members share more than just a passion for their work. They have a sense of urgency in re-inventing themselves with every word put to paper or note put to tape. Their live show incorporates simplistic visual effects that tie sight and sound into one. Pivot will leave it’s audience making plans to see the next show. This band is quite simply interested in one thing…creating good music. Brian Kelly: Vocals, Guitar, Keys Eric Hambright: Lead Guitar Mike Hambright: Bass Phil Cicco: Drums.

Track List:

1. AM
2. Wayward Preacher
3. Orden
4. FM
5. Safe
6. Dr. Weird
7. F.O.E


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 614346048611

Artist: Pivot

Release Date: 12/23/2008

Where To Buy:

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5 Days (cdr)


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