Pete Seeger – Folksinger’s Guitar Guide 1: An Instruction Record – CD


Folksinger’s Guitar Guide 1: An Instruction Record
Artist: Pete Seeger
UPC: 93070835429


Icon of the American folk music revival Pete Seeger teaches folk guitar through a detailed written instruction guide (included in the liner notes) which accompanies in-depth teaching and classic folk song examples on the album itself. He advises: “… if you enjoy playing the guitar, you shouldn’t think of it as practicing, in the formal sense. Rather, simply play for your own enjoyment…”

Track List:

1. Tuning Up
2. The First Chord
3. Two More Chords
4. Use Of The Capo
5. Methods Of Strumming
6. Bass Runs
7. Bass Countermelody
8. A: THe ‘Church Lick’ B: ‘Hammering On’
9. The Blues
10. Two Finger Plucking
11. Other Tunings
12. A Hint Of Flamenco
13. A Rhumba Rhythm
14. The Mexican Blues


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 93070835429

Artist: Pete Seeger

Release Date: 01/01/2009

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Folksinger's Guitar Guide 1: An Instruction Record


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