Mack Allen Smith – Early Years 1962 – 1967 – CD


Early Years 1962 – 1967
Artist: Mack Allen Smith
UPC: 895102002102


After playing shows with Sonny Burgess, Warren Smith and Charlie Feathers and recording at Sun, this fiery young rockabilly recorded these cuts at Hi in Memphis and Fame in Muscle Shoals. Mack digs into the blues, too, as you hear I Got My Mojo Working; Hobo Man; Rag Mama; Such a Night; I’m a Lover; Mean Old Frisco 21 tracks!

Track List:

1. I Got My Mojo Working
2. I’m a Lover
3. Hobo Man
4. Old Man River
5. Such a Night
6. Please Don’t Fall in Love with Me
7. Only Make Believe
8. Guess I’ve Been a Fool All the Time
9. Skeleton Fight
10. Don’t Let Them Treat You That Way
11. Mean Old Frisco
12. Daniel, Blow Your Horn
13. Big Silver Tears
14. Not Strong Enough
15. Lonely Weekends
16. Baby Pink Rose
17. Boogie Children
18. Red Rooster Blues
19. Free, Single and Disengaged
20. Snake-Eyed Woman
21. Rag Mama


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 895102002102

Artist: Mack Allen Smith

Release Date: 06/23/2009

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Early Years 1962 - 1967


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