Leslie Mills – Falling Off The World – CD


Falling Off The World
Artist: Leslie Mills
UPC: 884502022421


The latest release from songstress Leslie Mills, ‘Falling Off The World’, takes a breezy melodic approach to her softer pop side with apparent retro influences. Suitable for a drive on a summer afternoon, or just kicking back..there is something freeing to the spirit of each song on the album. Wonderful songs, memorable melodies, and smart songwriting.. Producers include Chris Pelcer, Leslie Mills, David Kahne.

Track List:

1. Once in a While
2. Circles Around the Sun
3. Falling Off the World
4. Sweeter
5. The Things My Heart Could Say
6. Never Too Soon
7. She Told Me So
8. Take It Home
9. One Determined Heart
10. Room to Breathe
11. Be My Water


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 884502022421

Artist: Leslie Mills

Release Date: 04/14/2009

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Falling Off The World


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