Jay Ottaway – Come & Go – CD


Come & Go
Artist: Jay Ottaway
UPC: 827836004909


Jay Ottaway is a Boston based award-winning songwriter who studied songwriting and blues guitar at Berklee (Boston) and cut his teeth in Nashville as a singer-songwriter and producer (James O’Halloran – The Nashville Sessions 2005). Jay Ottaway has been honored by American Songwriter Magazine, the USA Songwriting Contest, The U.K. Songwriting Contest, Peacedriven Songwriting Contest, and he has won multiple awards at Berklee both as an arranger and a songwriter. Jay Ottaway also fronts the Jay Ottaway Band, based in Europe.

Track List:

1. Skin and Bones
2. Come and Go
3. Oh Daddy Why?
4. Night Last Forever
5. I Would Give You Anything
6. Tick Tock Tick
7. Sam
8. Wipe the Last Stars from My Eyes
9. Your Eyes Hypnotize Me
10. Star-Eyed Wonders
11. Momma’s Gonna Drink All Day
12. Bye Bye Brother


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 827836004909

Artist: Jay Ottaway

Release Date: 01/20/2009

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Come & Go


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