Greg Hager – Daydream – CD


Artist: Greg Hager
UPC: 884502042047


I have been playing guitar and writing music since I was 7 years old. In fact the first song that I wrote was about my favorite show at the time…The Dukes of Hazzard. Oh, how the times have changed! Since that time, so many new songs have been written. Growing up on a grain and dairy farm near Valley City, ND is one of the experiences that I cherish the most about my life. Times seemed more simple then, and the hundreds of acres that I had available around our farmstead was the greatest playground that any boy could ask for. However, like all childhood experiences, they now exist only in my memories, photographs, and daydreams. I have discovered through observation and experience that almost all people want the same things. It seems that there exists for most people the life they live and the life they wish they lived. And, unfortunately, the two are almost always separated. In many ways my life and my experiences are the same as yours. And so, the songs I write and sing are really your songs. The raw emotions of tragedy, happiness, and success are cleverly captured. I sing the stories of the people around me. I sing about the times that were and the times that are yet to come. I guess you could say that my songs are about “love, life, and living.” I have been influenced by great story-tellers like John Denver, Roger Whittaker, Gordon Lightfoot, and many others. I describe my style along the lines of what Country and Western music used to be before all of the Pop influences. Easy-going, melodic, and clever. I look forward to the times that we can share together as we travel down the road of life.

Track List:

1. Of Mice and Men
2. Learn to Let Go
3. Disconnection
4. Float Your Boat
5. Daydream
6. Legacy
7. Minnesota Morning
8. Whenever You’re Around
9. So Dance
10. A Man’s Man
11. If I Could Be Like That


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884502042047

Artist: Greg Hager

Release Date: 03/03/2009

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