Fast Folk Musical Magazine (2) 1 / Various – Fast Folk Musical Magazine (2) 1 / Various – CD


Fast Folk Musical Magazine (2) 1 / Various
Artist: Fast Folk Musical Magazine (2) 1 / Various
UPC: 93072210224


Fast Folk Musical Magazine debuted in January 1984 as the successor to The CooP magazine. The editorial goal of Fast Folk was to promote the performance of noncommercial artistic music, also known as American folk music. All 12 performances in this collection were recorded in concert at the Speak Easy in New York’s Greenwich Village. Three of the live performances (Broad Old River, There’ll Come a Day, and the River That Flows Both Ways) feature folk music icon Pete Seeger playing banjo and adding vocal harmony. Also in performance are Shawn Colvin singing I Don’t Know Why, Jim Glover singing Phil Ochs’ Hands, longtime folk singer/humorist Oscar Brand contributing the Preppie Anthem, and David Roth with Next Door Neighbor, a song about living next to a missile silo and other unwanted neighbors. a copy of Fast Folk Musical Magazine is included.

Track List:

1. Next Door Neighbor
2. Lake Erie
3. The Preppie Anthem
4. Legends
5. Hands
6. Every Living Thing
7. I Don’t Know Why
8. The Blanket
9. Kandy Man
10. Broad Old River
11. There’ll Come a Day
12. River That Runs Both Ways


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 93072210224

Artist: Fast Folk Musical Magazine (2) 1 / Various

Release Date: 01/01/2009

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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (2) 1 / Various


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