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Ridin’ West
Artist: Cowboy Joe & The Babcocks
UPC: 634479950858


When JOE BABCOCK of Hee Haw originally made the move to Nashville several years ago to sing with MARTY ROBBINS and the GLASER BROTHERS, little did he dream that a long road awaited him that would culminate his singing with his own family, THE BABCOCKS. That long road started with Joe traveling with Marty, singing the gunfighter songs, playing in Marty’s band and writing for him. Joe also sang with the Glaser Brothers, who had brought him to Nashville to take Chuck Glaser’s place, who was being drafted into the army. Joe had been friends with the Glaser Brothers for several years due to the fact that they were from the same state of Nebraska. Joe was born and raised in the small town of North Loup, Nebraska and got to know the Glasers after seeing them at a local show. They became fast friends as they were about the only country pickers and singers in that area at that time. They kept in touch down through the years but lost track of each other as they all left home to pursue other things. Joe went to college at the University of Nebraska and Tom was drafted into the Army. After working his way through college for two years Joe became sick from the heavy schedule of working 35 hours a week in a restaurant and taking a full college course of 18 hours. As he could not carry that load he had to drop out of school and he was subsequently drafted into the US Army. This was at the time of the Korean War but Joe was lucky that the hostilities were ended before he was sent over for combat. After serving two years Joe went back to college and graduated with a BME. During the summers Joe went to various cities trying to break into music but was unsuccessful at each attempt. He tried Chicago but ended up working in a shoe factory to get enough money to get back to Nebraska. He also tried Los Angeles but starved out there also. After graduating Joe was working at his sister’s ranch in Valley Co. Nebraska, trying to get his bearings when a cowboy preacher named Mynor Soper came out and won Joe to the Lord. Joe had been raised in a Christian home but had never really had a personal relationship with the Lord. It was at this time that Joe and the Glasers re-established their relationship. After a day of putting up hay, fencing, or any other of the myriad of chores and work around a Nebraska ranch Joe would many times hop into the old Ford and go over to the Glasers where they would play music far into the night. Then it was back to the ranch and up at 6a.m. for another day’s work. At the end of the summer Joe decided to try his luck in Los Angeles one more time and enrolled at UCLA to pursue a degree in Theater Arts where he hoped to learn more about the business and possibly make some connections in the music business. After one year at UCLA though he decided to try to make it in music or die trying. In the ensuing 6 months Joe played a variety of jobs, many of them freebies and some paying, making just enough to stay alive. He played jobs such as ‘super market openings’ where he and his band played from the back of a flat bed truck for 3 hours. They made $5 apiece. At Christmas time of that year Joe was broke and living out of his car, bumming a room off of friends part of the time and drifting around the rest of the time. As he had become a Christian a year earlier and had quit some bad habits, especially that of drinking, which had become a problem in his life, he was very discouraged at his lack of success and finally prayed a simple prayer to the Lord. Essentially it was, ‘Lord if you will help me to get into music I’ll promise not to abuse it.’ A week later a friend came running out to Joe from an old rooming house where they were staying for a while and said, ‘Joe, you’ve got a call from Nashville, Tn.’ He naturally took the call not having any idea who it was and heard the voice of Tompall Glaser. Tom said that Chuck Glaser was being drafted and that in searching for someone to take his place Joe’s name just kept coming back to their minds. He said,’Joe, we know you’re really doing great out there on the coast (he had traced Jo

Track List:

1. Song of the Prairie
2. Ghost Train
3. Doggone Cowboy
4. Up in Cherry County (Stampede)
5. Nebraska
6. Bronc Rider’s Lament
7. Cowboy Medley-Dusty Winds-Night Ridin’-Way Out There
8. My Adobe Hacienda
9. Ballad of the Broken Arrow
10. Ballad of Lee Ann
11. Every Man’s Mirage
12. Prairie Fire
13. Brand of the Cross


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 634479950858

Artist: Cowboy Joe & The Babcocks

Release Date: 02/21/2006

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Ridin' West

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