Al Urban – I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye – CD


I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye
Artist: Al Urban
UPC: 634479959677


Singer, entertainer and recording artist Al Urban has sung his way through many years of changing country & western styles-from traditional to rock a billy and from swing to contemporary. In ‘i just dropped by to say goodbye’ he treats his fans to vintage Urban – a return to the traditional roots of country songs. No body can write or sing a country song quite like Al. This CD contains eleven examples of his distinctive style and ability to put the many sides of love into haunting melodies. His golden baritone caresses the lyrics of each perfectly crafted story line and captivates you throughout the musical journey. This is a ‘must have’ collection.

Track List:

1. I Just Dropped in to Say Goodbye
2. Used Wedding Rings
3. Broken Hearted House
4. T.I.M.E
5. Country Songs and Angels
6. If I Paid the Band to Stay
7. Fires of Love
8. When the Trains Come In
9. Two of a Kind
10. I Already See San Antone
11. Good Old Days


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 634479959677

Artist: Al Urban

Release Date: 12/16/2008

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I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye

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