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Air is one of the principal elements of nature. It is a life-giving entity and organisms cannot live without it even for a few minutes. Today, this air is being polluted individually as well as organizationally. Smoking and other individual activities mix noxious gases in the air. Consuming exhaust-producing fuels also results in air pollution. Some people are taking extra efforts to reduce air pollution. But, that is not enough. If we want to leave breathable air for our next generations, then we need to take steps on a global scale and sincerely implement changes that will give us sustainable development without polluting the elements of nature.

Bollywood and Air: Here are some of my favorite Bollywood songs with the theme of air:

Hawaon pe likh do hawaonke naam… Do Dooni Char (1968), This beautiful early Gulzar song evocatively brings to our mind the mindset of travelers.

Thandi hawayen… Naujawan (1951), The girl experiences cool air waves, which reminds her of her beloved.

Hawa mein udta jaye… Barsaat (1949), The girl sings about her red dupatta that is flying in the moving air.

Thandi hawa kali ghata… Mr. & Mrs. 55 (1955), The girl tells the audience that the cold air and the dark clouds have come to share their love with others.

Thandi hawa yeh chandni suhani… Jhumroo (1961), The man requests the cold air, the pleasing moonlight and his heart to tell him a story to pass the journey.

Dheere chal dheere chal ae bhigi hawa… Boyfriend (1961), The man requests the wet air to move slowly and not to disturb his beloved.

Ae hawa mere sang sang chal… Babu (1985), The girl wants the air to move with her.

Hawa Hawaii… Mr. India (1987). This song probably talks about the air in the Hawaii Islands in the US.


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