Twine – Violets – CD


Artist: Twine
UPC: 804297905921


Violets is a requiem for the new dark age. a memoir of a dying era, defined by the years of an inevitably dichotomized and isolated nation. on their long-awaited fourth full length, the duo of Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder move from the muggy backwoods of their early work towards the sonic approximation of icy remoteness. Created by a process of long distance file-sharing, the layers of Violets mesh together in a synchronous and fragile splendor, melding disembodied vocals, guitar rattles and crispy unpredictability to create a modern classic.

Track List:

1. Small
2. Endormie
3. Violets
4. In Through Thedevices
5. From Memory
6. Disconnected
7. Longsided
8. Lightrain
9. Something Like Eternity


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 804297905921

Artist: Twine

Release Date: 06/17/2008

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