Pat Macdonald – Troubadour Of Stomp – CD


Troubadour Of Stomp
Artist: Pat Macdonald
UPC: 672617031823


In the interstellar desert there is a milky way bone man navigating a highway that does not exist. He speaks with a searing harmonica, setting the guitar lines on fire like the yellow breaks separating the highway at dusk as they pass in a rhythm of 33 and a 3rd, boot heels on the floorboards of a haunted car… EXOTIC UNDERGROUND, Seattle A fuzzed-out, gut-thwack of a show. -MILWAUKEE JOURNAL MacDonalds ability to craft wry paeans to dislocation and disappointment and put them inside catchy, often upbeat tunes makes him one of rock musics enduring, well-kept secretsThere are very few people out there who have the longevity and still possess the kind of brilliant power he does. -PORTLAND TRIBUNE ‘I’ve always been drawn to the lower notes on the guitar,’ says Macdonald when questioned about his sound. His trademark is a unique dirtch of dark and murky blues boogie and sex-swamp. He is the epitome of an old school one man show with his custom made boot stomp box, electric semi-hollow guitar and a voice that is at once angelic and evil. After seeing Macdonald solo, it is easy to see how other instruments might just get in the way of the boogie spook and feelings he nails. There is a scent of the sweet and dangerous, of the sexy and vulnerable. The production aids in this definition of mood and Pat’s records have the added blessing of John Parish (P.J. Harvey, Eels, Sparklehorse) as producer and sometimes player on his studio ventures. Macdonald has written songs for a long list of characters including Cher and Aerosmith but you wouldn’t know it from talking to him. With the exception of his new live record, In The Red Room, which is available on CD Baby, you might have to search to find his music. It is out there, Pat claims you can find ‘Sleeps With His Guitar’ on Ebay sometimes, but some of his records are only available in Europe. It is well worth the hunt however, since each album transmits a different voice. Most obviously, last year’s release of ‘Strange Love, PM Does DM’, an entire acoustic album of Depeche Mode songs. Pat has the salt and pause of an elder statesmen when he speaks about his philosophy of music and life. When asked about his denial of over a million dollars in advertising, he makes a point to state that his own opinions on the subject should never condemn anyone else in their choices. ‘Everyone has to find their comfort zone,’ he says, ‘Music adds magic to a product being sold, but for me, the product robs magic from the music. I made a promise to myself a long time ago. It’s good to keep promises you make to yourself.’ -Jason Broome, PERFORMERMAG.COM.

Track List:

1. Land of Stomp
2. The Governor
3. Bridge Hater Song
4. Seeing Things
5. I Never Will
6. Shake Well
7. This Band Sucks
8. Too High
9. Wish You Would Die
10. My Troubled Mind
11. Steele Bridge Song
12. Thanks Man


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 672617031823

Artist: Pat Macdonald

Release Date: 09/16/2008

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Troubadour Of Stomp


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