Midge Ure – 10 – CD


Artist: Midge Ure
UPC: 4011586826423


’10’ contains Midge’s own interpretations, of his favorite songs, written by other songwriters and was recorded during the time Midge spent in Canada, in 2007/2008. ‘I make no apology for the eclectic choice of songs on this CD. I believe we are all affected by music in our surroundings and that it helps to shape our lives and mould US into the people we become. Whether it’s during conception or birth, life or death. Music is there helping US on our way. We are not responsible for the songs we are subjected to when we are young but there is no doubt it puts US on our own individual roads of discovery and leads US all to our own personal musical world. These songs I have chosen to cover have left a profound mark on me throughout my youth and my intention in recording them was as a mark of respect to the writers. The great writers who gave me a fantastic musical education as well as an unattainable benchmark to try to reach as an aspiring songwriter.’ Midge Ure.

Track List:

1. Alfie
2. Man of the World
3. Goodbye to Love
4. Day After Day
5. Let the Heartaches Begin
6. My Minds Eye
7. Song for While I’m Away
8. Nevermore
9. To Sir with Love
10. Lady Stardust


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 4011586826423

Artist: Midge Ure

Release Date: 11/11/2008

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