Lotte Landl – Zither Dance Rhythm – CD


Zither Dance Rhythm
Artist: Lotte Landl
UPC: 634479720949


Dancing is fun, it keeps you fit and young. My first dance lesson was when I was about 10 years old, back home in our old farmhouse. A young, beautiful Polish girl grabbed hold of me and taught me the steps to a good old polka. The melody still comes back to me and it was fun. From there on I have always loved dancing. But the good old way, where you still cling on to your partner and be a good girl and let HIM lead you and follow HIS steps. Things are different now, everybody does their own thing. On this recording is a mixture of everything, I like doing that. So why don’t you take your partner and go step by step and have a bit of fun. Do it YOUR way. Liebe Gruesse from Lotte.

Track List:

1. Save the Last Dance for Me
2. Vagabunden Lied (The Vagabund Song)
3. Anna Baiau
4. Hooray, Hooray, It’s a Holi-Holiday
5. Spanish Eyes
6. Marina
7. Rote Rosen Rote Lippen, Roter Wein (Red Roses, Red Lips, Red Win
8. Delilah
9. Heimweh (Memories Are Made of This)
10. Chop Sticks
11. Yellow Bird
12. Caribbean
13. Es Gibt Millionen von Sternen (There Are Millions of Stars)
14. C’est Manifique
15. Polka from Orpheus (Can Can)
16. Pretend
17. Amor, Amor, Amor
18. Banks of the Ohio
19. Laendler (Over the Hills)
20. Herz Schmerz Polka


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 634479720949

Artist: Lotte Landl

Release Date: 03/04/2008

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Zither Dance Rhythm


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