Klaus / Gerrard Schulze – Farscape – CD


Artist: Klaus / Gerrard Schulze
UPC: 693723926223


Klaus Schulze is a visionary. a dreamer. and he is well known for making his dreams come ture. for a long time now he has wanted to collaborate with extremely gifted vocalist Lisa Gerrard. Now he has made his wish come true. The result is the new double album called FARSCAPE. Never before have you experiened Schulze, whose oeuvre is full of emotionally gripping music, in a more emotional framework.

Track List:

[Disc 1]
1. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 1
2. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 2
3. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 3
[Disc 2]
1. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 4
2. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 5
3. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 6
4. Liquid Coincidence, Pt. 7


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 693723926223

Artist: Klaus / Gerrard Schulze

Release Date: 08/26/2008

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