Joseph Flying Native American Indian Lakota El Bye – Friend Do It This Way – CD


Friend Do It This Way
Artist: Joseph Flying Native American Indian Lakota El Bye
UPC: 634479767531


On his 2nd recording, Joseph Flying Bye (1917-2000)discusses the meanings behind the pipe filling song. Based on his life experiences and teachings from his Grandfather (who was also a traditional Lakota medicine man) and his father (who was a Christian minister) Joseph Flying Bye raises his voice to the upcoming generations to encourage them to follow the good advise of the Buffalo Calf Woman on the ways of a pipe carrier. This recording also contains an honoring song in education. Total run time is 53 minutes. Spoken words and written lyrics are in both Lakota and English. On June 22, 2000 Joe Flying Bye passed into the spirit world. He will be dearly remembered by his family, friends and Lakota people. He was 83 years old. At this time there are only a few elders who can see that far back into the past. The purpose of these recordings is to pass on what we currently know of that past and where we stand with these ways at this time. In this way, we can help the future generations hear an elder from our time speak and pray. Remember to live a good life, and do good things with each day that you are given. Help each other and encourage each other to be good people. At this time we are expecting to produce at least five different recordings total. Please check back periodically for release dates. Your purchases will help to keep our project alive. Pilamaya.

Track List:

1. Introduction – the Great Day
2. Remember Who Is Greater Above
3. Pipe Filling Song
4. Interpretation and Teachings
5. Learning Song
6. Interpretation and Closing


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 634479767531

Artist: Joseph Flying Native American Indian Lakota El Bye

Release Date: 06/29/2004

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Friend Do It This Way


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