Jesse Malin – On Your Sleeve – CD


On Your Sleeve
Artist: Jesse Malin
UPC: 827954503728


Recorded over 9 days and featuring interpretations of classic singer/songwriters like Neil Young, Paul Simon and Tim Hardin, along with contemporary greats like the Hold Steady, punk icons the Ramones, Bad Brains and Lou Reed Jesse tips his hat to a small collection of writers that inform his unique musical identity and appeal. A different version of on Your Sleeve was released earlier this year in the UK. The new version has a new track listing with additional tracks including, “Fairytale of New York” (The Pogues), “It’s Not Enough” (Johnny Thunders), and a new version of the Hold Steady track, “You Can Make Them Love You”. Jesse Malins music career began at twelve years old when he fronted New York hardcore band Heart Attack and spanned either years with D Generation before culminating in three critically-acclaimed solo albums this past decade. ON YOUR SLEEVE is the blossoming of an idea that has been gnawing at Jesse for a few years, and one that sees him paying back.

Track List:

1. Sway – Jesse Malin, Jagger
2. Russian Roulette – Jesse Malin, James
3. Everybody’s Talkin’ – Jesse Malin, Nilsson, Harry
4. Russian Roulette
5. Walk on the Wild Side
6. You Can Make Them Like You
7. Harmony
8. It’s Not Enough
9. Looking for a Love
10. Lady from Baltimore
11. Operator
12. Fairytale of New York
13. Hungry Heart
14. Everybody’s Talkin’


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 827954503728

Artist: Jesse Malin

Release Date: 10/28/2008

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On Your Sleeve


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