Jesse Malin – Mercury Retrograde – CD


Mercury Retrograde
Artist: Jesse Malin
UPC: 5016958103323


2008 live acoustic album from the East Coast Roots-based singer/songwriter, formerly the leader of NY Punks D: Generation. Malin also collaborated d with fellow singer/songwriter Ryan Adams as one half of the edgy Punk band the Finger. But since the beginning of the millennium, Malin has gained great acclaim for his solo recordings. Apart from the 11 live cuts included here, Mercury in Retrograde features five previously unreleased studio tracks. This is Malin at his best – stripped down, loquacious and intensely evocative. One Little Indian.

Track List:

1. High Lonesome
2. Wendy
3. Hotel Columbia
4. Lucinda
5. Cigarettes & Violets
6. Little Star
7. Since You’re in Love
8. Helpless
9. Aftermath
10. Black Haired Girl
11. Broken Radio
12. Subway
13. Going Out West
14. Swingin Man
15. Xmas
16. Christmas, Baby Please Come Home


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 5016958103323

Artist: Jesse Malin

Release Date: 11/11/2008

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Mercury Retrograde


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