Gang Gang Dance – Saint Dymphna – CD


Saint Dymphna
Artist: Gang Gang Dance
UPC: 656605755021


SAINT DYMPHNA, named after the patron saint of outsiders, is the band’s follow-up to the acclaimed GOD’S MONEY. They’ve taken an even dance inclusive direction that continues to emphasize the ritualistic elements of their music while upping the transcendent aspects. The production is pristine cinematic headphone candy with 70s Eno intricacy and 00’s Timbaland immediacy that will hold your attention while Gang Gang Dance continue to push things forward.

Track List:

1. Bebey
2. First Communion
3. Blue Nile
4. Vacuum
5. Princes
6. Inners Pace
7. Afoot
8. House Jam
9. Interlude (No Known Home)
10. Desert Storm
11. Dust


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 656605755021

Artist: Gang Gang Dance

Release Date: 10/21/2008

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Saint Dymphna


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