Ciara Considine – O Mo Chroi – CD


O Mo Chroi
Artist: Ciara Considine
UPC: 634479813658


‘Ciara Considine has a beautiful voice; this recording ‘Ó Mo Chroí’ is a ‘keeper’ and an excellent addition to your music library….'(2008 Diane Byrnes Echoes Of Erin Radio Host) ‘This is truly a wonderful compilation of songs from Ciara Considine. You can tell that this woman’s entire life has been steeped in music….Considine’s voice is without a doubt one of the most interesting I’ve ever heard. She has a rich, full sound, and is able to convey both emotion and energy through her vocals….'(2008 Celtic MP3s Music Magazine) There is an old Irish phrase used to refer to a loved-one: ‘Ó cuisle geal mo chroí’. It means ‘Oh bright pulse of my heart’. This phrase is the inspiration behind Ciara Considine’s debut album. The songs emerge from the wealth and beauty of Irish culture and speak of love and loss, against the harsh back-drop of Ireland’s historical famines, poverty and emigration. The songs were shared in the true folk tradition – around the kitchen table, by the hearth of the home, amid the jigs and reels – and passed down through the generations.

Track List:

1. Black Is the Colour
2. Kilkelly Ireland
3. She Moved Through the Fair
4. The Flower of Magherally
5. The Parting of Friends
6. Spancil Hill
7. Molly B n
8. My Lagan Love
9. Farewell My Love, Remember Me
10. An Gaoth r


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 634479813658

Artist: Ciara Considine

Release Date: 05/27/2008

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O Mo Chroi


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