Burnt Biskits – We Play Better Than We Cook – CD


We Play Better Than We Cook
Artist: Burnt Biskits
UPC: 844667007886


Burnt Biskits is a musical group from Lincoln, Nebraska, consisting of a number of musicians who join us on recorded projects and on stage. The regular BISKITS are musicians John Pierce, Janice Jillson, Gary Hinkley, Susanne Hinkley and Steve Jensen. John Pierce plays banjo, guitar and bass on the album as well as providing most of the lead vocals. Janice Jillson is John’s wife and plays bass as well as wonderful harmony vocals. Gary Hinkley is the Biskit’s lead guitarist. You will hear some amazing solos from Gary. Susanne Hinkley plays rhythm guitar and sings harmonies in live performances with the Biskits. Susanne is Gary’s wife in real life. Steve Jensen plays rhythm guitar and lends his beautiful voice to the sound of Burnt Biskits. The primary genre of Burnt Biskits is bluegrass. Their primary instrumentation is acoustic: guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica and stand-up bass. In addition to standard bluegrass, they perform musical comedy, old-time gospel, folk and oldies rock-n-roll. They perform a number of original tunes, as well as familiar favorites. Joining the Burnt Biskits on this album are musicians Steve Hanson, Terry Keefe, Jeff Bredthauer, Jerry Spahn, Steve Kehler and Cloy Stutzman. This album is a small sampling and cross-section of the breadth of Burnt Biskits and their musical heritage. The songs on ‘We Play Better Than We Cook’ include: ‘Mr. Taxman’, a parody of Mr. Sandman spelling out the frustrations of taxpayers everywhere in a comedic setting. John Pierce wrote this tune in the shower one morning. ‘Best Friends’ is a touching love song that band leader John Pierce wrote for his then-girlfriend Janice Jillson early in their relationship. They are now married. Must have worked. ‘Sophie’s Dance’ is a beautiful, warm piano solo written and recorded by Brett Hollihan, one of the album’s recording engineers and producers for his daughter Sophie. This tune will touch your heart. ‘Fargo Storyteller’ is a true story about a friend’s adventure when he was attending seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. John Pierce was inspired to write the song after hearing his friend Matt Dwyer’s experience years earlier. ‘Home On The Range’ is John Pierce’s personal tribute to the men and women in uniform all over the world. This was written when John learned his son was about to be deployed to Iraq with the US Marines. The melody is the original Home on the Range from 1876. ‘Mother’s Day Waltz’ was written for John’s mother and mother-in-law on Mother’s Day 2006 (hence the title). This is a pretty waltz instrumental that makes one want to buy flowers for your mother, regardless of whether or not it is Mother’s Day. ‘Autumn Leaves’ is Burnt Biskits’ interpretation of the jazz great using banjo and guitar in a special one-on-one original recording. This was recorded in Steve Hanson’s studio with Steve and John facing off on this great jazz classic. ‘Mama’s Feet’ is a parody of Daddy’s Hands with a special nod to everyone’s favorite subject: stinky feet. ‘Nyquil Blues’ is Burnt Biskits’ only recorded rhythm and blues tune so far. You’ll love the mixture of banjo, harmonica and hot acoustic guitar licks on this special recording, giving it a bluegrassy feel. ‘Fishin’ For Chickens’ comes from the great state of Alaska where fishing is serious business. In Nebraska, fishing for chickens is not only an interesting topic for discussion and singing, it actually happens! ‘Red-Haired Boy’ is a hot bluegrass instrumental featuring Jerry Spahn’s old-time clawhammer introduction. Several guest musicians team up to give the Burnt Biskits some lively assistance. ‘Say I Do’ is the gospel tune of choice on this album as well as live performances by the Biskits. Ray Hildebrand wrote this tune in the early 1970’s. The Biskits give it their own special touch. ‘The MTA’ is the great Kingston Trio blockbuster from the 1960’s. Cloy Stutzman sings lead on this folk favorite. Check out the hot banjo and guitar solos. ‘Suzie Q’ is the bluegrass version of the CCR classic. You’ll find yourself keeping time to this with whatever utensil you ca

Track List:

1. Mr. Taxman
2. Mama’s Feet
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Nyquil Blues
5. Best Friends
6. Red-Haired Boy
7. Say I Do
8. The Mta
9. Suzie Q
10. Fishin’ for Chickens
11. Sophie’s Dance
12. Fargo Storyteller
13. Home on the Range
14. Mother’s Day Waltz


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 844667007886

Artist: Burnt Biskits

Release Date: 03/25/2008

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We Play Better Than We Cook


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