Brothers 3 – Far From Home – CD


Far From Home
Artist: Brothers 3
UPC: 796873038256


Brothers 3 has become an enormously popular fan favorite at music festivals and concert venues across Texas. What’s their secret recipe? Take 6 men and 1 woman, add over 20 different instruments ranging from washboard to wind synthesizer, blend in 6 vocal harmonies, dozens of musical styles, and season with a unique sense of humor. Apply megawatts of energy, and what have you created? Listen and find out! ABOUT BROTHERS 3 Brothers 3 came into being in January, 1997, when-following the usual Menikos family Christmas dinner- Mark and Tom got to talking about their respective day jobs and musical lives. For the purposes of protecting the innocent and preventing backlash, let’s just say that things could be better. Mulling over the conversation later, Mark decided that the time had come to implement a long-held dream to create a folk and world-music group that combined traditional melodies and rhythms with contemporary instruments and musical settings. Even before all the details were clear in his mind, Mark contacted Tom and they talked a long time about this idea – the first time ever that these brothers would play together in an ongoing venture. The excitement started brewing. Tim was brought in, and in early the next month, Brothers 3 had it’s first rehearsal. At first, it was indeed just the three brothers: Mark on violin, Tom on guitar, and Tim on bass, with all three singing carefully constructed harmonies. It was a little shaky at first. Brothers 3 decided they would concentrate on music and song from the British Isles before expanding outward to include their Greek heritage and other musical traditions. The Menikos boys moved quickly to weekly rehearsal schedule. Everyone looked eagerly forward to these sessions. Later, as things began to jell, the brothers decided to expand the possibilities by moving Tom to drums and percussion and replacing him on guitar with another player. It was a big step to add someone else. The name, ‘Brothers 3’, would no longer be completely descriptive, and of course there was the usual issues. Would he/she get along with everyone else? be reliable? be ready to devote the time and energy to make things work? Tom suggested a player he knew and respected. Steve Jones came to rehearsal, and the rest is history. Although performing Celtic and English music was new to everyone except Mark, all players dove in with both feet and started making some really joyful noises. Steve’s background in bluegrass, country, and rock stood him in excellent stead, and his clear, ringing tenor voice helped to create some beautiful vocal harmonies. Brothers 3 rehearsed and performed as a quartet for about a year, always trying to improve and Polish. From the time that expanding beyond the original three brothers was decided, Mark had wanted to include keyboards for the extra melodic options and tone color possibilities, and another percussionist, who would be especially useful if/when the band began to include Latin and African music. He knew of the perfect player, someone he had known for more than twenty years, and with whom he had spent several years in the jazz fusion group Aurora: Martin McCall. Martin (whose extensive musical endeavors sometimes – unfortunately – keep him from performing with Brothers 3 in all settings) brought with him keyboardist Rick Johnson. Rick impressed everyone with his musical sensitivity and his ability to sight-read the sometimes complex musical scores. Martin and Rick joined Brothers 3 in early 1998. However, in a crushing blow to everyone, most especially himself, Rick developed a severe case of tendonitis in his wrists and hands. After struggling gamely for a few months, he reluctantly had to retire, not only from Brothers 3 but also from playing altogether. Beginning in late 1998, Rick began tentatively to play piano again, and his condition continued to improve. This superb musician once again is able bring people beauty with his playing. We wish him well. Mark’s ‘vision’ for Brothers 3 always had included using synthesizers for their harmonic as well as melodic contribut

Track List:

1. Farewell, Farewell
2. Far from Home
3. Botany Bay
4. Yarishko Horo
5. MC
6. Flogging
7. Groves of Glanmire
8. Keelman O’er the Land
9. Crowley’s Pledge
10. Van Dieman’s Land
11. Cottage in the Grove
12. Bonny Earl of Moray


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 796873038256

Artist: Brothers 3

Release Date: 03/25/2008

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Far From Home


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