1977 – Rock ‘n Roll – CD


Rock ‘n Roll
Artist: 1977
UPC: 884501013505


‘If you like KISS you will enjoy 1977’ says Nicky Baldrian, FIREWORKS The Melodic Rock Magazine UK, June 2009 ‘The Masterful Homage to KISS’ says Brian M. Howle, Alternatives News Magazine, July 2008 The members of 1977 are a group of four, lifelong Kiss fans who also happen to be accomplished musicians, performers and songwriters. Each of the members of 1977 was hand selected from the hoards of Kiss tribute entertainers that span the globe. What the members of 1977 offer to fans of the hottest band in the world is something that no other group has ever offered to Kiss fans in the 16 year history of tribute bands; ten original songs that are 100% Kiss inspired. Actors, authors, entertainers, musicians, songwriters and even visual artists all posses certain, shared qualities. One of these qualities is that, more times then not, each artist produces their unique, genre specific type of art form based on a wide variety of influences that they have had affect them, throughout their individual lives. However, the members of 1977 break this formula. Unlike the majority of musicians and songwriters is the music industry today, 1977 has only one influence, that being of the legendary, theatrical rock group known as Kiss. In the year 1977, when the members of Kiss were Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, these four individual would write songs based on their influences; (i.e. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Babies, The Raspberries and so on), release records and tour the globe in support of their latest effort. Those songs would then be added to their catalog and later be referred to as Kiss songs. These Kiss songs could further be categorized in the genre of Shock Rock. When the members of 1977 compose their original material based on their sole influence, the question is now raised, ‘Could this new music, now to be considered a new genre?” Transcribed below is an except from the book KISS Behind The Mask, The Official Authorized Biography, Written by David Leaf & Ken Sharp, Warner Books Copyright © 2003 by David Leaf and Ken Sharp, and by Kiss Catalog, Ltd., Pg. 240 LOVE HER ALL I CAN PAUL STANLEY: “Love Her All I Can” was a Wicked Lester song. When we were doing Dressed To Kill we were short of songs. [It was inspired by] The Who and the Nazz, Todd Rundgren’s old band. They had a song called “Open My Eyes,” it’s basically the same intro. They copied The Who and we kind of copied them. GENE SIMMONS: I think in horns when I do riffs. [imitates the opening part of song] The intro to that song was a horn line riff based on the Nazz’s “Open My Eyes.” Now, with their debut effort entitled Rock ‘N Roll; the members of 1977 have simply typified the next evolution of this style of music by creating a new genre called Kiss Music.

Track List:

1. Ladies Come First
2. Love Me Blind
3. Rock ‘N Roll
4. Blast Off
5. Straight to the Heart
6. Love at First Kiss
7. Back in the Groove
8. Gladiator
9. She Wants It All
10. Do Ya Know What I Want?


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 884501013505

Artist: 1977

Release Date: 08/12/2008

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Rock 'n Roll


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