Puissance 13+2 – Live Musea – CD


Live Musea
Artist: Puissance 13+2
UPC: 3426300040879


A historical compilation for the French rock from 1971 including tracks recorded especially for this record in the Hérouville castle. With MAGMA, ZABU, ERGO SUM, MOR, Catherine RIBEIRO, CONTREPOINT, CATHARSIS, Alain MARKUSFELD, Claude ENGEL, etc. The CD features two unreleased tracks not included in the double LP.

Track List:

1. All’So Comic
2. Mekanik Kommando
3. Arkham
4. Un Hini Da Garan
5. Here’S To You
6. Informer Blues
7. Been Gone So Long
8. Jappy’S Boogie
9. Bill Bailey
10. I’M On My Way
11. Ils N’Ont Rien Compris
12. Un Fathomable Of The Seventh Time
13. Aria Populaire
14. Promenade
15. Charles
16. On A Tape
17. Iguane


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 3426300040879

Artist: Puissance 13+2

Release Date: 05/31/2006

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Live Musea


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