Pat Holley – Invitation – CD


Artist: Pat Holley
UPC: 634479611261


NOTES In a vast sea of many different singing voices, Pat Holley’s is and always was unusually different. According to her, it blended well with her Mom’s voice, her Dad’s and any one of her four brothers’ voices but rarely with anyone else’s. On her first full CD, she blends that unusually different voice only with a piano and channels it through a heart naked to all and for all who will listen. ABOUT PAT HOLLEY Pat Holley composed music and wrote the original book and lyrics for her new musical, “Me & Caesar Lee.” She arranged and co-orchestrated, for a 24 piece orchestra, 19 Gershwin songs comprising the RAI TV/Franco Zeffirelli presentation in Positano, Italy (Shirley) “Verrett Sings Gershwin.” She wrote songs for five commercial recordings, three of which have been re-released by Universal and MCA Records, including the first song recorded by singer Stephanie Mills (“The Wiz”) I Knew It Was Love. She has continued songwriting to present, resulting in a large and varied catalog. She studied composition and theory for two years at the Julliard School and studied arranging at City College. She has logged hundreds of hours in various recording studios as a producer for her own compositions. Pat sang and played piano for her first professional job in New York City at age nineteen, and continued playing and singing professionally until 1986. She taught voice and theory throughout her career to a wide variety of well known artists in the fields of theatre, pop, and R&B music. Also she is a frequent producing and music associate of A. Dennis Williams, musical director of the legendary R&B singing group, The O’Jays.

Track List:

1. Invitation
2. Lucky to Be Me
3. Memories of You
4. You’re Nearer
5. Just in Time
6. Here in Your Arms
7. Time After Time
8. Hey, Look Me Over
9. The Rules of the Road
10. Rocky the Cat


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 634479611261

Artist: Pat Holley

Release Date: 09/25/2007

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