Nayan Ghosh – Raga Yaman – CD


Raga Yaman
Artist: Nayan Ghosh
UPC: 731838109022


Nayan Ghosh’s sitar style has been influenced principally by Vilayat Khan. Nayan says ” I regard Ustad Vilayat Khan’s music as my model and this is the dominant style on the concert platform today. Within that style, I can remain original because of my vocal training and percussion orientation.” Nayan plays raga Yaman, which has a soothing and uplifting character – ” Yaman is my favorite raga,” says Nayan, “I have always been able to express myself most completely in this raga.”

Track List:

1. Raga Yaman: Alap, Jor & Jhala (35:44)
2. Raga Yaman: Vilambit Gat in Tintal (23:02)
3. Raga Yaman: Drut Gat in Tintal (10:47)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 731838109022

Artist: Nayan Ghosh

Release Date: 02/12/2008

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Raga Yaman


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