Morgan Heritage – Mission In Progress – CD


Mission In Progress
Artist: Morgan Heritage
UPC: 54645177924


MISSION IN PROGRESS is the 10th album from Reggae super group, Morgan Heritage and captures their raw live sound on record – as never before. The songs on MISSION IN PROGRESS incorporate hard-core rock, pop and rap elements into their solid reggae foundation. MISSION IN PROGRESS is more than any of the band’s previous albums, the realization of it’s “Rockaz” concept: Reggae Music with an edge.

Track List:

1. Cross Wi Borda
2. Raid Rootz Dance
3. Politician
4. Yute Dem Share
5. Fight
6. Brooklyn And Jamaica
7. Mission In Progress
8. Nothing To Smile About
9. Love You Right
10. Faithful – Morgan Heritage & Laza
11. Be Sure
12. 12 Shotz – Morgan Heritage & Laza
13. Headline
14. Youths Today


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 54645177924

Artist: Morgan Heritage

Release Date: 04/15/2008

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Mission In Progress


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