Misinterprotato – Variations – CD


Artist: Misinterprotato
UPC: 9330357009977


Variations is the captivating third album from one of Australia’s most inventive, contemporary music ensembles, Misinterprotato. The Trio expands boundaries of the classic jazz trio with the avant-garde and fresh attitude they bring to their music. Variations encapsulates their vision, virtuosity and passion to discover new ground which sets this trio apart. The group’s sound is driven by pianist Sean Foran, teamed with John Parker’s expansive dynamic and timbral range on percussion and Patrick Marchisella’s visceral touch on the double bass. In a rhythm section far beyond just an accompaniment, Marchisella’s bass playing exudes emotion sweetly and succinctly, and Parker’s drumming is so effective as to be interpreted as counter-melodies and harmony to Foran’s beautiful flow on the keys. Vastly dynamic the trio stretches from subtle ballads ‘please’ and ‘ascent’ to dense ferocious tracks ‘chunk’, ‘the unknown’ and ‘Variations on a bad day’. “We try to expand what people think could be jazz,” Foran describes the essence of Misinterprotato’s music. You can feel that sentiment transcend each lyrical phrase and seductive rhythm both live on stage and in their recorded work.

Track List:

1. Island of the Sun
2. At the Right Moment
3. Branching Out
4. Start
5. Ascent
6. Paddles
7. Please
8. Variations on a Bad Day
9. Chunk
10. Everything That Isn’t
11. Unknown
12. Labyrinth


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 9330357009977

Artist: Misinterprotato

Release Date: 07/31/2007

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