Michael Kelsey – Way It Rolls – CD


Way It Rolls
Artist: Michael Kelsey
UPC: 837101429269


CD REVIEW – On ‘The Way It Rolls’ that band in his head comes bursting out of one soundhole of his guitar, the face of which is burnished raw by thwacking, spanking and slapping… to create a uniquely percussive style which is rarely heard within singer-songwriter circles. Comparisons to Michael Hedges are inevitable but unlike Hedges, for whom vocals always seemed an afterthought, Kelsey’s vocals are soulful with intensity on equal par with his guitarwork. Think Steve Marriott on vox and Don Ross on box. The ‘five piece band’ metaphor is especially true on ‘The Way It Rolls.’ This is a full band sound, yet a perusal of the CD insert for the expected backup musicians on bass, electric guitar and harmony vocals yields only one other name besides Kelsey — Matt Call on drum kit. Past Kelsey projects have showcased Jekyll & Hyde musical personalities: the restrained fingerstylist versus the maniacally bluesy rocker. The evil twin definitely wins out on this CD, so don’t look for much Windham Hill prettiness. The title track’s message could be both the ‘Que Sera Sera’ of a new generation and a synopsis of his musical M.O. © Alan Fark, Minor7th.com.

Track List:

1. Intro
2. The Way It Rolls
3. Slow Movin’ Train
4. Old Guitar
5. Hey Elaine
6. Daydreamer
7. Wanderlust
8. Higher
9. The Right Thing
10. Crawlin’
11. Further Down the Road
12. A Bus in Motion
13. Roll


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 837101429269

Artist: Michael Kelsey

Release Date: 11/20/2007

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Way It Rolls


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