Kent Blazy – Spokes In A Wheel – CD


Spokes In A Wheel
Artist: Kent Blazy
UPC: 634479674242


This CD is a follow up to my ‘have guitar will travel’ CD. I hadn’t expected to do another CD so fast but lifes circumstances had other plans. The last few years have been ones of transitions and changes. These songs were born forged in the fire of loved ones passing on,new life being born,storms ravaging hearts,souls and cities and the healing power of love through songs,words,prayer and miracles. Writing and recording this CD helped me to express emotions i needed to get out and songs were the medium i am grateful i could use. My hope is the messages in these songs bring joy,smiles,laughter,tears and healing to the listener like they did to me. I’m proud of how this CD turned out. I had amazing help from great studio musicians in Nashville tn and strong co-writing partners like garth brooks,steve wariner,skip ewing,kim williams and cory batten who helped me weave my feelings into songs. My thanks to all you folks who take the time to listen.

Track List:

1. Carry It On
2. Beautiful
3. Why Ain’t I Running
4. Strong Love
5. Spokes in a Wheel
6. Angels
7. Tears in Gods Eyes
8. Momma Prayed
9. I Wish My Dad Were Here
10. Younger Than I Used to Be
11. Somewhere Other Than the Night
12. Country Song
13. Gold Buckle Year
14. All Gonna Be Alright


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 634479674242

Artist: Kent Blazy

Release Date: 01/01/2008

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Spokes In A Wheel


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