Kate Nash – Made Of Bricks – CD


Made Of Bricks
Artist: Kate Nash
UPC: 602517455153


2007 debut album from the UK songstress Kate Nash. Pop music with indie sensibilities and an experimental edge permeate much of this album, and it is topped off with Nash’s distinctive estuary vocal stylings. Since the album’s release, Nash has been the talk of the town in the UK, where she regularly appears in most of the music magazines from NME to Q. She has quickly risen the ranks from ‘darling of the critics’ to commercially successful artist, and deservedly so. Features 12 tracks including the single ‘Foundations’. Universal.

Track List:

1. Play
2. Foundations (Explicit)
3. Mouthwash
4. Dickhead
5. Birds
6. We Get On
7. Mariella
8. Shit Sing
9. Pumpkin Soup
10. Skeleton Song
11. Nicest Thing
12. Merry Happy


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 602517455153

Artist: Kate Nash

Release Date: 01/08/2008

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Made Of Bricks


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