Holoscene – Nothing Is The End Of Everything-ep – CD


Nothing Is The End Of Everything-ep
Artist: Holoscene
UPC: 676868155123


With a focused desire to create something beautiful and powerful, the post-rock ensemble Holoscene formed during the summer of 2006. Citing influences ranging from ‘Sigur Ros’ to ‘Godspeed You! Black Emperor’ and ‘Pink Floyd’, Holoscene continue to stand united in their desire to create experimental and deeply emotional music. With orchestrations that more closely resemble classical form than rock formats the full sonic spectrum and dynamic range are explored, often within the same song. Holoscene have the ability to unleash a squall of power and volume that rivals the heaviest of metal bands, only to return to delicate ambient textures or soaring triumphant melodies. Each member brings a widely varied musical background that within the sphere of the project coalesces into a unique and powerful whole. Drummer Trevor Townsend’s roots in post-punk heavy rock and training as a concert percussionist mixes with bass guitarist Dorian Williamson’s background in industrial metal and electronic composition to provide a rhythm section that goes far beyond the usual anchor of a post-rock band. To compliment the quartet Maz Fusion and Robert Plastow both have the ability to find new and innovative ways to extract sound from their guitars. Having mastered delicate hammer-on and finger-picking techniques, Rob often executes rhythm and melody at the same time using both hands on the fret-board. Whilst also utilizing complex effects he can leave the listener with the illusion of hearing more than one player. One of the group’s greatest assets is Maz’s extensive history in experimental guitar atmospheres, solo ‘audio-art’ performance and her experience as a producer/engineer. Innovative, but never at the expense of melody, she is able to create sounds on her instrument usually reserved for samplers and synthesizers. Holoscene have already made a deep impression on all those who have witnessed them. In the ten months the group have been together, they have received over 17,000 plays on myspace.com, played a Saturday night showcase at the North By Northeast festival, recorded and manufactured their debut EP ‘nothing is the end of everything’, secured shows throughout the summer of 2007, produced an ‘underground’ concert DVD with Favours For Friends Productions, and launched a curated series of music and art called Son / Lumiere. With advance requests to purchase ‘nothing is the end of everything’ coming from around the globe and reviews heralding Holoscene’s potential to become ‘one of the biggest post-rock bands in the world’ – i (heart) music, the band are looking forward to their future. ‘How good are Holoscene? So good that their debut EP, Nothing Is The End of Everything, has made me rethink my feelings towards post-rock as a whole …like Do Make Say Think or Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky or any other band that’s mastered the style — they’re able to shift tempos and volumes so well that they make what they do sound transcendent…’ – i (heart) music.

Track List:

1. The Fourth of January
2. Telesterion
3. Sleeping in Fields
4. Floes
5. Holocene


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 676868155123

Artist: Holoscene

Release Date: 09/25/2007

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Nothing Is The End Of Everything-ep


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