Hollins / Byram-wigfield – Organ Works (jewl) – CD


Organ Works (jewl)
Artist: Hollins / Byram-wigfield
UPC: 801918340444


Designed by the blind organist Alfred Hollins, the Caird Hall instrument is one of the finest recital organs in the UK – as ideal a vehicle for Hollins’ own music as Byram-Wigfield is an exponent of it. Hollins effortlessly combines keyboard pyrotechnics with a quasi-orchestral approach to sonority. These works bristle with vigour, their swaggering confidence complemented by their ingenuity and wit.

Track List:

1. Concert Overture for Organ in C Major
2. Benediction Nuptiale, for Organ
3. Trumpet Minuet for Organ
4. Allegretto Grazioso
5. Concert Overture for Organ in C minor
6. Evening Rest, for Organ
7. Concert Overture for Organ No. 3 in F minor
8. Andante for Organ in D Major
9. Song of Sunshine for Organ
10. Maytime Gavotte, for Organ
11. Theme, Variations and Fugue for Organ


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 801918340444

Artist: Hollins / Byram-wigfield

Release Date: 11/11/2008

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Organ Works (jewl)

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