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Artist: Glass
UPC: 3426300045942


Back in the Seventies, the brothers Greg & Jeff SHERMAN had a musical project called GLASS. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to sign them, even when they decided to leave for the homeland of Progressive rock: Great-Britain ! Which is amazing of itself: The talent in this American band is quite obvious ! Not only are they great musicians, but they are also great songwriters. Twenty-five years later, our two partners in crime decided to repatriate long recorded musical pieces and release them as a double-CD called “No Stranger to the Skies”, partly recorded live and partly in the studio. The result is one superb album, reissued in the year 2004 by the Musea label. A mix of orchestral Progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion, this unique piece of work is a real delight for the fans of Mellotron and Fender Rhodes electric piano ! the whole sounds as fresh as it had been recorded today… “Illuminations” (2005) is a real studio album indeed, showcasing a different side of GLASS. If the music is s.

Track List:

1. Overture
2. Secret Life of Aqua L. Long: Astral Transascension
3. Secret Life of Aqua L. Long: Isle of Dyslexia
4. Secret Life of Aqua L. Long: Medicine Man
5. Electronic Synaesthasia: The Hidden Room
6. Electronic Synaesthasia: Crossing
7. Electronic Synaesthasia: My Tantric Gatito
8. Alchemy of the Word: Eclipse
9. Alchemy of the Word: Wanderlust
10. Alchemy of the Word: Eternity
11. Alchemy of the Word: Reprise
12. Alchemy of the Word: Delirium
13. Alchemy of the Word: Falling
14. Slightly Behind All the Time
15. Gaia


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 3426300045942

Artist: Glass

Release Date: 06/01/2006

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