Tk Webb – Phantom Parade – CD


Phantom Parade
Artist: Tk Webb
UPC: 656605752723


‘Webb proves that the simplest equation can be a winner as long as the hear is there. Webb’s raucous vocal tales make him sound like he’s survived two wars and lived to tell.’ Black Book on Tk Webb’s last record KCK. We are pleased to release Tk Webb’s latest record, Phantom Parade, would be and understatement at best. When we first heard TK play this material last year anticipation at the Social Registry began to mount. His previous record KCK had not even been released and he had already begun fleshing out a lot of this material while collaborating with Shannon Funchess. We still have a message on our answering machine TK left in the wee hours of the morning as he considered whether it was appropriate to play all new material at his record release party. As a duo, with Shannon’s wild singing and almost primitive percussion, TK was able to open un the breadth of his songwriting. Phantom Parade is certainly TK’s most ambitious and fully realized recording to date, in the over thirteen years he has been playing music. If you listen closely to the last track, Classy, which has Toshi Yano of Kapow playing a Fender Rhodes, you can hear the confidence as he calls the band back in from the changes with a whistle. Phantom Parade is a record versed in the American musical tradition, woven out of everyday experience, and TK’s voice is riddled with the kind o gruff character that speaks volumes and contradicts the passive androgyny that permeates so much indie-rock today.

Track List:

1. Desert
2. Lesser Dudes
3. Which Witch
4. You Got Faded
5. Wet Eye’d Morn
6. Sunday Night
7. Phantom Parade
8. Spade
9. Oh Baby No
10. Classy


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 656605752723

Artist: Tk Webb

Release Date: 11/21/2006

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Phantom Parade


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