Richard Scott – Gypsy Drag – CD


Gypsy Drag
Artist: Richard Scott
UPC: 636099902125


Richard Scott is a stride-style pianist in New Orleans today. “Stride” piano is a way of playing that grew out of the Ragtime music of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The biggest difference between Ragtime and Stride is that Ragtime music is written out while Stride pianists improvise the music. This style of piano is quite challenging and not many people attempt play this way. It is especially unusual to find young musicians interested in keeping it alive. Richard Scott came to New Orleans as soon as he graduated from music school to learn this style from the masters, players who have made their living doing nothing else. Here he met amazing players like Steve Pistorius, John Royan, Tom McDermott, David Boedinghaus, and John Sheridan. Living on Bourbon Street, Richard also found opportunities to perform with some great traditional Jazz (Dixieland) bands of today. You can catch him at places like Fritzel’s, The Maison Bourbon, or aboard the Steamboat Natchez, where he performs regularly with the Dukes of Dixieland. Richard gives lectures on traditional piano styles at the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park and can even be heard playing on the streets of the French Quarter on cool afternoons. This album combines Richard’s piano skills with his ability to pick out great musicians to accompany him. Chuck Brackman has played cornet in New Orleans for years, and his brother, Bruce, has become well known for his clarinet work with the New Orleans Jazz Vipers. Ronnie Magri demonstrates his understanding of New Orleans style on the drums, and Chris Sharkey provides a great foundation on bass. Last but not least is Seva Venet with his fantastic work on guitar and slide guitar. These musicians are experienced, but are also very young. This genre is often identified with older players. Richard’s mission with this project is to show that there are some very talented people under 40 in New Orleans today who are serious in their dedication to preserving traditional Jazz. Richard himself was only 26 when this album was created. So put this CD on and enjoy a trip down to the Deep South, where Jazz was born.

Track List:

1. At the Jazz Band Ball
[Disc 1]
2. Old Fashioned Love
3. The Gypsy Drag
4. The Pearls
5. Steamer Natchez
6. Someday Sweetheart
7. Maple Leaf Rag
8. My Little Old Home Down in New Orleans
9. I’ve Found a New Baby
10. Willie the Weeper
11. Winin Boy Blues
12. The Red Red Robin
13. Float Me Down the River
14. In a Mist
15. Just a Little While to Stay Here


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 636099902125

Artist: Richard Scott

Release Date: 08/01/2006

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Gypsy Drag


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