Olav Larsen – Loves Come To Town – CD


Loves Come To Town
Artist: Olav Larsen
UPC: 7393210112063


Singer/songwriter Olav Larsen and his band The Alabama Rodeo Stars have just released their debut album “Love’s Come To Town”. It’s a sensational debut we’re talking about. Inspired by everything from bluegrass and classic country to today’s Americana and pop music, Olav and his band have created something unique, both in terms of style and sound. Recorded on vintage equipment in the mountains of Norway the sound is warm, dynamic, rich, detailed and very truthful and expressive. The band is extremely competent. Not only do they know where to play, but they also know where not to play their instruments, in order for the songs to appear as complete as possible. Contains 12 tracks.

Track List:

1. May The Sun Always Shine
2. Unhappy Dreamer
3. You Can Call Me Baby
4. You’re The Only One
5. Love’s Come To Town
6. Ain’t Got Time
7. We’ll Never Lose Our Minds
8. Give Me Your Love
9. Like Daisies
10. My Town
11. Sweet Saviour’s Arms
12. Atomic Bombs And Wine


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 7393210112063

Artist: Olav Larsen

Release Date: 06/21/2011

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Loves Come To Town


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