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It’s Called Nuance
Artist: Nuance & Old Uncles
UPC: 789577513327


NUANCE… & OLD UNCLES – Biographies – In today’s climate of blistering solos and hot jazz licks, NUANCE… brings a refreshing return to “melody” with their brand of American Acoustic Music! Drawing from a mix of blues, bluegrass, gospel and old-time country music, with a polka thrown in for good measure, you’ll find this music to be an enjoyable rediscovery of American roots music. Both born and raised in Dayton, OH Mary Jo (on acoustic guitar) and “Uncle” Charlie Leet (on stand-up bass) have been performing and recording in the acoustic music industry for over twenty years, traveling internationally as well as throughout the United States. Currently residents of Patrick County, VA, they spent over fifteen years as the “rhythm core” of the Dry Branch Fire Squad bluegrass band and recorded eight CD projects with the band on Rounder Records. They have recorded two independent music projects: the recently released CD, “DUET” and an early project (now on CD) “I Love Bluegrass”. This new CD, “It’s Called Nuance”, provides an opportunity to stretch the bounds of their music, finding many roots! Memphis Bec Gentry, originally from McQuady, KY, is a dynamic singer of blues and swing as well traditional country and bluegrass genres. Her innate musical talent is in the spotlight with her melodic mandolin breaks and driving rhythm. Bec brings high energy and a wealth of traditional American material to the group. Bec was a founder of the 1970’s Falls City Ramblers in Louisville, KY, and she has traveled the country, played in the Big City and she creates lasting fans wherever she goes! Mike (Fog) O’Bryan is the leading accordionist in LA …the Louisville Area, that is!? “Uncle” Fog plays fiddle tunes on the accordion and piano jams with the best of ’em! Mike is a veteran of many musical stylings with diverse performance credits ranging from the Louisville Ballet to the Falls City Ramblers. He has previously recorded: bluegrass music with Kentucky Blue; folk music with Kentucky Homefront founder, John Gage; cajun-style with Steve Ferguson’s Midwest Creole Ensemble; and southern swing with Memphis Bec and the Red Hots. These four engaging and energetic musicians have joined together to create NUANCE…& OLD UNCLES. With their natural ability to connect with the audience and obvious joy in making music together, NUANCE… & OLD UNCLES will leave you with a fine-tuned experience! NUANCE… & OLD Uncles has been igniting audiences throughout the Midwest including the Kentucky State Fair, the historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati and Tipp Roller Mill Theater in Tipp City, OH, and the legendary Mitchell Opry House in Indiana. Their recently released debut CD,”It’s Called Nuance”, will be adding fuel to the fire!

Track List:

1. I Ain’t Got Nobody
2. Broken Hearted Lover
3. Cash on the Barrelhead
4. Ragtime Annie/Soldier’s Joy
5. Making Believe
6. Backwater Blues
7. Master’s Garden
8. Steel Guitar Rag
9. Hang Your Head in Shame
10. Ring of Fire
11. No More Hard Time Blues
12. Jesus Won’t You Come by Here
13. South of the Border
14. Ain’t No Bugs on Me
15. Clarinet Polka
16. Lazybones
17. Roly Poly


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 789577513327

Artist: Nuance & Old Uncles

Release Date: 11/07/2006

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It's Called Nuance


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