Martin Short – Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me – CD


Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me
Artist: Martin Short
UPC: 791558442021


In the grand American traditions of musical theater, sketch comedy and shameless self-promotion comes FAME BECOMES ME, Martin Short’s uproarious new comedy musical that has critics in hysterics! Featuring original music from the composer and lyricists of HAIRSPRAY and SOUTH PARK, FAME BECOMES ME is Broadway’s most riotous party and your invited.

Track List:

1. Another Curtain Goes Up
2. All I Ask (Is you love me)
3. Three Gorgeous Kids
4. big Titties
5. The Salesman That Got Away
6. Sittin’ On The Fence
7. The Jackie Rogers Jr Show
8. Ba Ba Ba Ba Broadway
9. The Hello Boy
10. The Trumpet of Samaria
11. Step Brother To Jesus
12. Backstage Courtship
13. Married To Marty
14. Sniff Sniff
15. A Dry Martin – Straight Up With A Twist
16. Twelve Step Pappy
17. More, More, More
18. Would You Like To Star In Our Show?
19. I Came Just As Soon As I Heard
20. A Wicked Memorial
21. Michael’s Song
22. Heaven, Heaven
23. Up Here In Heaven
24. A Big Black Lady Stops The Show
25. Finale
26. Lessons Learned
27. Glass Half Full
28. Frieda May’s Lament


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 791558442021

Artist: Martin Short

Release Date: 04/10/2007

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Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me


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